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Sep. 27, 2023


Mediumship Workshop IV:

The Scoop

Have you always wanted to embrace your psychic abilities? Don't know where to start? Well, ya'll are in luck because Jacob and Krysta have joined together to teach a 4 workshop program where they'll dive deep into the psychic world. Each workshop will focus on specific areas: intuition, mediumship, the difference between psychic intuition & mediumship, utilization of your psychic faculties, and psychic advancement. Each class is $25 to attend. It is NOT required to attend them in sequential order, but it is strongly encouraged. Individuals who want to attend will pay on the day of the class right before it starts. Only 10 spots are allotted for each workshop. Please contact the store for more information and for the remaining number of slots for the workshop. Workshop 4: Who are Your Spirit Guides -How to connect with them -The types of spirit guides one could have -Spirit Guide Meditation/ritual -Energies to work with