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Weekly Scoop (Jan. 7 - 13) - Rolled and Roasted Set to Open New Location

Rolled and Roasted

Unique flavors and ice cream presentations unlike any other in Asheville.

Rolled and Roasted, an innovative rolled ice cream shop, began as a joke on Facebook, according to owner Elisha Lewis. He and Jesse Fein, the co-owner of the shop, were only 19 years old at the time. 

Lewis was working in the tech industry and rolled ice cream was just becoming a new and growing trend. He would joke and joke about opening his own rolled ice cream shop until one day he found out that it could actually be possible.

“When we found out the Asheville Mall was looking for an ice cream store, we looked a little further into it,” Lewis said. 

The concept of rolled ice cream actually originated in Thailand. Also known as Thai stir-fried ice cream, the delicious creation is the product of what happens when ice cream is poured on an extremely cold surface and then scraped off in rolled layers.

Rolled and Roasted, which is located in the food court of the Asheville Mall, takes this original concept and runs — or should we say "rolls" — with it.

“Our ice cream is the only one like it in the area,” Lewis said. 

And now, Rolled and Roasted will soon be expanding and opening up a second location right in the heart of Asheville on Merrimon Avenue. 

As new business owners learning how exactly to run and expand their business, Lewis and Fein have had to make Rolled and Roasted stand out among the rest.

All the ice cream recipes at Rolled and Roasted are handmade using majority fair-trade certified, locally produced and environmentally friendly ingredients. The store’s ice cream products are also 100% dairy and organic, which sets them apart from other ice cream vendors.

But Rolled and Roasted has still managed to continue to innovate — customers can now also purchase CBD ice cream and CBD coffee from the establishment.

“Our CBD ice cream is our normal ice cream base made with locally sourced dairy, and is certified non-GMO with no artificial vitamins or antibiotics,” Lewis explained. “We then add Hemp Magiks Full Spectrum CBD Oil to the mixture on the cold plate." 

The CBD oil is added at the last second because CBD can become damaged or its effectiveness can be weakened if it’s kept frozen or brought to high temperatures.

Besides its funky and unique rolled ice cream creations — their “Munchies” ice cream flavor is rolled with Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops cereals — Rolled and Roasted also serves up coffee, bubble tea, hot chocolate and milkshakes to curb any craving might you have.

Rolled and Roasted has continued on the path of growth since its inception.

“We have hired more staff, we have expanded our menu and now we are opening a second location on one of the busiest roads in Asheville,” Lewis said. 

Coming soon to Merrimon Avenue will be the second location of Rolled and Roasted: a full cafe with a drive-thru in the morning, and a social club with ice cream, small food, craft beers on tap, wine and champagne, music, movies and more at night.

“We love being a local business because the support of the community and the movers and shakers of the area keep our passion for success up,” Lewis said.

The second Rolled and Roasted location is set to have its soft opening January 15.

You can stay updated with new ice cream flavors and the progress of the new Rolled and Roasted location on Merrimon Avenue by checking out their Dig Local profile

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Friday, Jan. 11

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Saturday, Jan. 12

Annual Seconds Sale
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Sunday, Jan. 13

Berlyn Trio
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