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Weekly Scoop (Jan. 28 - Feb. 3) - Experience Morocco in Downtown Asheville

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A quick peek into the life and times of Asheville's No. 1 food fan.
photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

One thing I sometimes forget when I think of the local food scene is the astounding number of international eateries we have, especially for such a small town, located in the Appalachian Mountains of WNC. Sure, you would expect awesome biscuits ‘n’ gravy, fried chicken and pulled pork around here, but what about Moroccan bastilla?

No? Never heard of it? Yeah, neither had I, until my friend Paddy and I popped into long-time Asheville favorite Jerusalem Garden Café the other day, where I spied it on their menu under “tapas."

Although I had no clue as to what bastilla might be, the description sounded great: lamb, cous cous, feta and raisins in filo dough. I’m down with all of that, individually or together. I trusted that the “Moroccan” part of the dish would mean there would a be a whole lot of flavors goin’ on beyond that fairly basic description. My gamble paid off nicely!

This baked, stuffed, savory pastry was warm, soft, comforting and packed with interesting flavors on the inside, while remaining light, flaky, crispy and delicate on the outside. It came with some nice house-made sauces and a fresh little salad. Paddy and I shared it, but I was secretly coveting it all for myself, and already making plans to return on my own.

Later, I read online that a bastilla — sometimes called a “pastilla" — is a form of pie or hand-pie; not entirely unrelated to a Cornish pasty, only like, I’m gonna say, way better. Sorry to any Cornish people reading this, I like your pies, but, c’mon. Go eat this Moroccan bastilla and then tell me I’m wrong.

Anyhoo, thanks to local restaurateurs like Farouk Badr of Jerusalem Garden Café, we are very fortunate in Asheville to have a relatively large and varied number of International eateries to choose from! I chose the bastilla, and I chose wisely!

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Monday, Jan. 28

Stoobie Awards
at Asheville Masonic Temple
This year, the Stoobie Awards — an Asheville food scene tradition crowning winners for culinary and hospitality excellence — will be live! Grab your tickets now.
More details.

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Tuesday, Jan. 29

Women and Wine Networking Group
at Rustic Grape Wine Bar
Come out for the inaugural meeting of the AVL Women and Wine Networking Group. Listen to inspiring speakers and meet with likeminded individuals.
More details.

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Wednesday, Jan. 30

$12 Growler Fill Wednesdays
at Pleb Urban Winery

Select a wine on draft and fill up a 500-mL growler for only $12!
More details.

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Thursday, Jan. 31

Mandolin Orange "Tides of a Teardrop" Listening Party
at Harvest Records
Listen to Mandolin Orange's new album before its release date while enjoying refreshments and trying your luck to win some awesome prizes!
More details.

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Friday, Feb. 1

Soup-er Soups for National Homemade Soup Day
at WNC Farmers Market

Grab some ideas and try out delicious soups at the WNC Farmers Market to prepare for National Homemade Soup Day on February 4.
More details.

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Saturday, Feb. 2

Asheville Wedding Festival
at U.S. Cellular Center
Need some help planning your wedding or know a bride that does? Grab a ticket for the Asheville Wedding Festival this Saturday.
More details.

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Sunday, Feb. 3

Superbowl Sunday Parties
Are you ready for kick-off? Make sure to spend your Superbowl Sunday at one of your favorite local bars or restaurants cheering on your favorite team. To make it easy, we've created a list of all the awesome events celebrating the big game.

Check your inbox Wednesday for a full list of Super Bowl events. 

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