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Weekly Scoop (March 11-17) - Stu Helm Goes Hog Wild Over This Livermush Grilled Cheese

Dig This... with Stu Helm

A quick peek into the life and times of Asheville's No. 1 food fan.
photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

Livermush: A True Regional Treat

Do you know what livermush is? No? That’s OK! I had never heard of livermush until news of the Marion, NC annual Livermush Festival prompted my friend Matt to start raving about how much he loves this thing called livermush.

When I asked him to clarify the concept, he first inquired of me, “Do you know what scrapple is?” Yes! I do know what scrapple is, Matt, and your very question explains what livermush must be: leftover bits of offal (a.k.a. animal guts), bread crumbs and spices all chopped up and mixed together, (hopefully) fried to within an inch of its life, and usually served with eggs, bread and whatever else ya got goin’ on at the time.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner — ain’t no wrong time to eat offal!

Unless, of course, you hate organ meats, which I do not — but I used to, so I feel ya. But for those of us who don’t mind, and indeed enjoy eating offal, livermush is a true regional treat!

Where can one find it? Well, grocery stores for one, or you can go to the Marion Livermush Festival, but that only happens once a year and it’s way out in Marion! Here in Asheville, we just gotta keep an eye out for it, because it seems to come and go somewhat sporadically from restaurant menus. So I tend to grab it whenever I see it, and last week I saw it at Bhramari Brewing Company, which is one of my favorite eating venues! It. Was. Awesome.

Made with local livermush, this “livermush grilled cheese” sandwich was served on house-made rye bread with house-made American & Moody Bleu cheese, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, yellow mustard aioli and crispy potatoes on top. This sandwich was a 6-napkin, fork-n-knifer for sure, and I had to kind of deconstruct it to get a handle on it. But — as usual with Bhramari — the flavors, textures, quality of ingredients and skilled execution of creative ideas were all on-point.

I enjoyed this fancy-pants version of a grilled cheese and livermush sandwich very much, and it reaffirmed my love of this venue once again. The cozy, casual, bustling atmosphere, and excellent, friendly service combined with their very impressive kitchen creations make Bhramari a true Asheville gem. Their take on livermush was great, and from what I hear their beer is real good, too! (Congrats to Bhramari Biermeister Gary on his recent wins at the 2019 Beer Wars.)

Find all the food specials, new menu additions, events and more from Bhramari Brewing Company by checking out their Dig Local Profile.

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Monday, March 11

Montecristo Event
at Casablanca Cigar Bar
For the purchase of a $20 ticket, you receive an event cigar, a pour of Slane Irish whiskey, a raffle ticket for a $200 bar set and access to special deals on Montecristo and other Altadis cigars.
More details.

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Tuesday, March 12

Sake To Me Tuesdays
at The Montford Rooftop Bar

The sake pop-up happens every second Tuesday of every month and features a selection of Asian-inspired cocktails and dishes.
More details.

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Wednesday, March 13

Little Feat 50th Anniversary Tour
at U.S. Cellular Center

Little Feat, one of the original Southern Rock/Blues/Jam bands, has hit the road for their 50th Anniversary Tour — and they’re stopping in Asheville. Grab tickets.
More details.

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Thursday, March 14

Vinyl Night
at Sweeten Creek Brewing

Share your vinyls with the bartenders at Sweeten Creek and they will play them for you while you enjoy one of their delicious craft beers.
More details.

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Friday, March 15

Live Music: Mac Arnold & Plate Full 'O Blues
at Garage on 25

Blues legend Mac Arnold & Plate Full 'O Blues will be showing off to a small crowd in this intimate house concert session. Grab tickets.
More details.

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Saturday, March 16

Tui Na: Chinese Bodywork with Nate Novgrod 
at Center for Massage and Natural Health
Tui Na can be easily integrated into any style of massage and will provide you with a set of new techniques and a different approach to body mechanics. Grab tickets.
More details.

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Sunday, March 17

🍀 St. Patrick's Day 🍀
A great night out is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. But this Irish saying doesn't ring true this holiday.

~ Stay tuned for a Breaking Scoop newsletter this week to discover what your favorite local Asheville spots are doing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year! ~

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