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Weekly Scoop (June 3-9) - Heavenly Eclairs from Sawhorse with Stu Helm.

Dig This... with Stu Helm

A quick peek into the life of Asheville's No. 1 food fan.
photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

Do I want an Eclair?

I went to the brand new Sawhorse restaurant out on New Leicester Highway, which is owned and operated by Chef Dan Silo, formerly of Buxton Hall Barbecue. I am a fan of Dan’s cooking and I was excited when my friend Stephan invited me to breakfast there. The breakfast was GREAT in my opinion but for this post, I want to focus on their incredible maple eclair!

“Dan wants to know if you want an eclair to go?” asked our excellent server.

“Um, YES!” answered this huge fan of eclairs.
I was already stuffed from the bacon, eggs, taters, and enormous buckwheat pancake I had just finished shoveling in my face, so when this giant-sized eclair appeared in a (paper) to go box, I was like, “ooftah.”

I took it home, and let it get room temp while my hunger built back up, and then I busted out my sharpest knife and cut that puppy in half so that I could get a good look at the contents, and start eating it from the middle.

I always eat the best part first, no matter what I’m eating, and holy moly, in this case, when I say “best,” I mean BEST. After my initial bite, my GF, Dawn took a bite looked at me and said, “You better nominate this for an award.” I took my second bite and said, “Yeah… (eyes roll back, dies, goes to heaven, returns on a chariot made of custard and maple and pastry and dreams) I totally agree. It’s a contender.”

So there you have it. This large, decadent, sweet yet slightly smoky, and insanely delicious house-made eclair was an instant hit with both myself and my even more discerning GF after just a combined bite total of three. We loved it, and I have been thinking about it ever since. I can not wait to go back to Sawhorse and get another one! And also that pancake. And those taters. I wrote a review of my breakfast for my own blog, which you can read HERE, Yerm.

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Monday, June 3

Lunch Buffet Available Every Day
at Mela Indian Restaurant
Sample the lunch buffet any day of the week from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
More details.
More to do Monday

Tuesday, June 4

Honky Tonk Tuesdays
at Jack of the Wood
Every Tuesday night, enjoy a special showcase of music like Cajun Creole. honky tonk, karaoke and more from local musicians.
More details.
More to do Tuesday

Wednesday, June 5

$5 5k Partner Run to Benefit Special Olympics
with Foot Rx Asheville

Grab your favorite running buddy and run for a great cause for only a $5 suggested donation. Proceeds benefit the Special Olympics.
More details.

More to do Wednesday

Thursday, June 6

Seven and a Half Giraffe / Orphan Riot  / In Color

Wild and crazy teenage punks let loose in the Rock-n-Roll Chapel at Fleetwood's in West Asheville.
More details.
More to do Thursday

Friday, June 7

Parent + Child Night Out
at Asheville's Fun Depot

Grab a great deal — 2 play cards w/ 2 attractions each, 2 food combos and 1 mugshake from Asheville Burger & Mug Shakes — for only $50 the first Friday of the month.
More details.
More to do Friday

Saturday, June 8

Happy Rosé Day: A Rosé Wine & Cheese Tasting

at The Rustic Grape
It's National Rosé Day! Go celebrate these beautiful, pink wines on Saturday, June 8th.

More details.
More to do Saturday

Sunday, June 9

Asheville VeganFest 2019
Head downtown to Pack Square for another year of Asheville VeganFest, featuring regional and local vendors like Gypsy Queen Cuisine, Buchi Kombucha, Highland Brewing, The Hop Ice Cream Café, Moonlight Makers and more.
More details.
More to do Sunday
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