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Weekly Scoop (August 5-11) - 🍸Introducing "Drink This..." with The Urban Gastronome!🍻 Plus lots to do this week!

Drink This...
with The Urban Gastronome

An Exciting Collaboration Between Asheville's Drink Connoisseur,
The Urban Gastronome and Dig Local

Frank Sinatra couldn't have spoke truer words when he said, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.” So how do I embrace my enemy? Well, that is easy. I wander the streets at night looking for a bar top to rest my elbows. I'm thirsty, I get a craving for a delicious libation and believe me, having been the benefactor of many, the decision isn't easy.

Where to start, Asheville? The South Slope has been reborn; or maybe the West Side bar crawl? Wait a second, let's go Downtown… Yes, to where Asheville made its first impression.

Luckily, I know where to get that perfect cocktail...


Before I dive in, let me share a hint of my background.  I am not a stranger to the food and drink scene. In fact, I've traveled the globe from the Middle East, Europe and the United Kingdom, to the East and West coasts of our nation. Experiencing some of the finest cities to the humblest beginnings. Knowing this, people often inquire of where to go and what to do. I could reel off umpteen places, naming several mixologists and culinary geniuses who will indeed provide you with a memorable experience. 

But what are you looking for, Asheville? Music, cocktails, beer, wine, games, food or maybe a good mocktail? A carefully crafted beverage, minus the spirits and without the side effects? Alcohol isn't the only gig we have going on in this town. Let's talk about all-natural beverages like Devil's Foot, or what about Kombucha, Kava, and all of our tea shops? These too will be explored and shared with you in the weeks to come. But tell me what you are wanting first, then ask me where you need to go. It begins with you.

Enough with the prologue, let’s get tipsy. After crashing the craft cocktail scene in San Francisco and gallivanting around like a kid in a candy store, I found that Asheville was the first place to replicate my time in “Fog City.” Cocktail joints thoughtfully designed with an arsenal of bar tools and a meticulous assortment of bitters, tinctures and infusions to make your taste buds explode. Mixology was breaking the scene, and it happened one garnish at a time.

Sovereign Remedies was one of my first loves and had the perfect setting to imbibe in one of my favorite cocktails, a “Revolver.” This rye and coffee lovers delight created by John Santer in 2003 originally calls for Bulleit. However, I like to change up the base liquor creating a different flavor profile, and Templeton Rye happens to be one I lean on. Born from the prohibition era by a defiant group of Iowa farmers, this spirit is known for being in and out of trouble throughout its history. So for me, it is a perfect fit for the name. Toss in a slug of your favorite coffee liqueur, add a dash or two of orange bitters, zest from an orange, and you now have a mouthful of pure sin and enjoyment. 

If you can beat the frenzy to the bar, I suggest sitting there. That is always my first choice. Watching all the mixologists feverishly crafting cocktails is such a sight and has played a large role in my nerdiness for mixology. Or rest back in the chic seating area and gaze out the windows at the bustling downtown scene. Their ambiance and prohibition-era look and feel works well when late night imbibing with friends. And did I mention the food? Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another time. Maybe Stu Helm could take you through that journey. Till then explore Asheville, open your palette, and enjoy our great city because, “No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.” - David Sedaris

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Monday, August 5

Real Lightsabers and Coffee!
at Fractals Coffee Shop and Cafe
The Force is strong here! Grab a cup of joe while enjoying the company of droids (i.e. REAL robots!) at one of the most unique cafés in Asheville, and ask for a demonstration of the strongest, most realistic, handheld lightsabers that you can legally own.
More details.
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Tuesday, August 6
Rebelution - Good Vibes Summer Tour 2019 and After Party
at Salvage Station
Kick back with some reggae with California band Rebelution!
Tickets and more details.
More to do Tuesday

Wednesday, August 7

Bowling Social with Asheville Pride Bowling
with Blue Ridge Pride
Bowl for just $1 per game with shoes included at AMF Star Lanes! Bowlers from the Asheville Pride Bowling League will be there to help get bowlers going. Food and drink specials start at 8pm, and all are welcome!
More details.

More to do Wednesday

Thursday, August 8

Charcuterie and Wood Trays
at Rustic Grape Wine Bar

Learn the art of creating a cheese and charcuterie tray, get wine pairing tips, and participate in a DIY workshop to make a wood plank tray, pedestal tray, lazy Susan or round sign.
Tickets and more details.

More to do Thursday

Friday, August 9

Final Brews & Bears of the Season
at WNC Nature Center
It's Happy Hour at the WNC Nature Center! Join black bears Uno and Ursa for the final B&B event of the season featuring drinks, music, food trucks, and an up-close view of an awesome bear enrichment activity!
Tickets and more details.
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Saturday, August 10

Andrew Scotchie & The River Rats Summer Out West Tour Send-Off Party
at Ambrose West

The Rats will be taking off for 3 weeks to the western US again, and they can't leave town without a party with all of their friends! Come wish them a merry journey, and to witness the only Asheville performance of The Rolling Experience (Stones/Hendrix Tribute).
Tickets and more details.
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Sunday, August 11

Pizza Karaoke
at AUX Bar
Get free pizza when you sing karaoke every Sunday from 10pm-2am!
More details.
More to do Sunday
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