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Weekly Scoop (February 24-March 1) - The Urban Gastronome gets ensnared by The Lobster Trap 🦞 Plus lots to do this week!

The Urban Gastronome Gets Ensnared
by The Lobster Trap

Fresh seafood, in the mountains!
Chowing down on the Clam Bake To-Go! (Photos by The Urban Gastronome.)

I’ve experienced a multitude of flavorful restaurants and imbibed at some great cocktail bars here in Asheville. It’s particularly nice when you can get both simultaneously. Not meaning to sound pretentious, but when you attend as many functions as I do, it is hard to be a regular at any one place. However, I make it a point to visit this one particular restaurant whenever possible, and I do this because of the people. It feels nice to be recognized or appreciated when you walk in the door of a business, especially when you already know the food is going to be stellar!

Located on Patton Avenue in the heart of downtown Asheville, The Lobster Trap is my wife’s and my favorite spot. We met Matt Gaffney the bar manager roughly 7 years ago on our first trip to Asheville and is the main reason we fell in love with the area. If you’ve never met Matt I suggest you go down Monday through Thursday and sit at the bar. His level of service is like no other, and he shakes a good cocktail to boot! I think his success is derived from his endearing personality and the fact that he has never met a stranger. He is a great storyteller and local guide, which formed a great connection. After eating there regularly, it is obvious he and the rest of the team all share these qualities.

One constant, whenever we go, is the Gulf Oysters on the menu. $15 for a dozen (we like extra horseradish) simply cannot be beat. My wife typically grabs a cold beer on tap and I relegate to a neat pour of Dalmore or a Dirty Martini depending on the mood. After that we may share several of their appetizers or grab something off the entrees. Everything is fresh, favorable, and piping hot when it comes out of the kitchen. Mike McCarty, the Executive Chef/GM/Partner, ensures his team is on point every night and is always free for a handshake, even when slammed in the kitchen.

Music is also performed by local musicians from about 6-8pm depending on how quickly they get set up. It is soft usually, which allows for good conversation, but definitely adds to the ambiance when dining. Matt also is known for doing some picking and grinning from time to time.

So now you have good food, drinks, people, and music all in one place. Kind of hard to beat, and if it is even possible there’s a cherry on top. This past fall they started a new Clam Bake To-Go, and my taste buds had the distinct pleasure of testing it out. I was in charge of my future son-in-law’s bachelor party, and this was the perfect fit for our day of fun. I know it sounds weird for the father-in-law to be in charge of that, but he is a good man and I was honored to take on that role.

Clam Bake To-Go by The Lobster Trap is such a great idea for your special day. It consists of lobsters, mussels, clams, shrimp, corn, taters, seasonings, sauces, bibs, and utensils. More importantly, it includes instructions and a handwritten card for that personal touch. All you have to do is call it in and then pick it up at the arranged time. Freshly packed in ice and ready to go, the lobsters will still be kicking into your pot! (Just don’t forget to remove the rubber bands on the claws) I'd like to thank Maggie and Jess for setting this up; much appreciated!

Of course, I’ve done my own low country boils in the past and am seasoned on the process. Having all of this put together for you in one package, however, was extremely convenient. Instructions for those who aren’t experienced make it a seamless transition.

Next time when you are downtown, make it a point to go eat at The Lobster Trap. Tell them The Urban Gastronome sent you. Until we eat again… Cheers!
Learn more about The Lobster Trap by checking out their Dig Local profile, and don’t forget to keep an eye on The Urban Gastronome to see where he’ll show up next!

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Monday, February 24

Mardi Gras Bar Crawl
at Grove Arcade
Celebrate Mardi Gras in the heart of downtown Asheville! The party continues through Fat Tuesday with events and food and drink specials from all of your favorite locations on Restaurant Row. Adorn yourself in your favorite purple, gold and green apparel and join in the festivities!
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Tuesday, February 25
Fat Tuesday
at Salvage Station
Come get some delicious food from Root Down and enjoy free Mardi Gras-inspired music featuring Zydeco Ya Ya and Unihorn!
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More to do Tuesday
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Wednesday, February 26

Wine and Samosas
at Kathmandu Kitchen
Boost yourself to the weekend by grabbing a glass of your favorite wine and delicious appetizers like fresh Samosas, Pakoras, Aloo Tiki, and more!
More details.

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Thursday, February 27

Lobster Dogs Food Truck
at Eluvium Brewing

Lobster Dogs will be at the brewery from 4-9pm serving up some tasty lobster rolls and stuffed avocados. Don't miss it!
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Friday, February 28

Neon Nights
at Asheville's Fun Depot
Every Friday night from 8-10pm get unlimited play for all games and attractions for $20! Glow accessories are available.
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Saturday, February 29

Masquerade in the Mountains
with Red Wing Enterprises
You are cordially invited to Masquerade in the Mountains, Marshall's First Annual Masked Ball! This year's theme is immortals: come celebrate with the lords, ladies, vampires, angels, sirens, goddesses and peasants alike of the greater Blue Ridge Mountains. Join us in a night of revelry and debauchery on a day forgotten most years. A party where one's true spirit can shine, hidden away from the judgments of everyday life. An evening where anything can, and will, happen!
Tickets and more details.
Bike Love '20
at Isis Music Hall
Bike Love, presented by Industry Nine in support of Asheville on Bikes, returns to Isis Music Hall! Event is from 8pm-12am.
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Sunday, March 1

Silent Sunday: Charlie Chaplin "A Dog's Life"
at Grail Moviehouse
Head to the Grail to check out Charlie Chaplin's "A Dog's Life," along with Charley Chase's "Married to Order" and two early hand-colored trick films by Georges Melies and Segundo de Chomon. 7pm will be the introduction and Q&A with film historian Frank Thompson, and feature Andrew Fletcher providing the live piano score.
Tickets and more details.
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