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Weekly Scoop (March 2-8) - Transparent tree houses with Tree Weaves 🌳 Plus lots to do this week!

Transparent Tree Houses with Tree Weaves

Be one with nature by chilling out in the canopy
If you can dream it, Tree Weaves can make it! (Photos by Tree Weaves)

Picture this: you and your special someone walk into your backyard on a warm summer’s eve with blankets, pillows, and local craft beverages in tow. Fireflies waltz around you as you make your way onto a series of colorful, whimsical nets stretched taut between the trees in your backyard. After you climb on and bed down your makeshift nest, you lay back, settle into each other’s arms, and toast each other and the beauty that surrounds you. You look up at the night sky as the stars peek through the leaves. You’re in something like a comfy tree house, but way cooler.

These functional and fun works of art are Tree Weaves, which are custom hammock platforms that are expertly hand woven into the topography of your yard, forest, and in some cases even indoors! They’re essentially see-through tree houses in the treetops, which makes it easier to keep an eye on the kiddos as they play.

And unlike traditional wooden tree houses, kids won’t outgrow them; adults can have just as much fun chillaxing in them with a cold beer in hand while chatting with friends! Did we mention that while the nets are tied tightly, they’re even bouncy like a trampoline?

Founded by River Echeverria and Alex Patton in the spring of 2017 out of a mutual passion for slacklining, the idea came about as a result of the nets that the two would weave out of scrap material on the sides of the cliffs to hang out in for the day.

“We thought that these were awesome and that people might want them in their backyard that aren’t part of the slacklining community; and would think that these custom-shaped hammock things would be cool,” said Alex. The business started out as a hobby, but quickly expanded within its first year. While initially there was a slight learning curve in creating nets on a larger scale, River and Alex were already net experts, and train their growing number of employees in the art of Tree Weaving.

“We want to get people involved in nature and get them outside. It’s one thing to sit on your deck versus actually being in the trees. It’s just really therapeutic to be in nature, and when the wind is blowing through the trees, the trees move, and you can feel the net pulling gently in different ways. It’s just a cool feeling, and you feel very integrated into nature. It’s almost like a green room, and you get completely encapsulated by foliage,” added Alex. This also ensures that you keep cool on even the hottest summer days as the breeze blows through the nets.

Their first client’s net from 2017 is still in pristine shape to this day, and this is because of the materials. All of the rope and webbing used is made in the United States, locally sourced and produced. Most projects incorporate over a mile of rope and cord, and each spool of colored cord is a thousand feet long (between 5-10 spools of cord is typically used in any one project). That doesn’t include perimeter and structural ropes, so projects can easily include multiple miles of total materials. Nylon and polyester are used specifically for their durability and longevity, and paracord whose colors won’t fade. The custom shapes and color combinations are endless! Art and words can even be integrated into the weaves using contrasting colors, which can allow for total branding. Nets can even be woven into the forks of trees for smaller hammocks or seats. If you can dream it, Tree Weaves can make it!

All of the nets are made 100% on location. When constructing a Tree Weave, the team ensures that the structures leave room for the trees to grow and don’t damage them in any way. They even consult arborists on how to best install the nets to help preserve the health of the trees. The nets actually anchor and secure the trees together and can prevent them from falling. Slacklines are used during the construction of the nets, and are left behind for the new owners to enjoy and practice on. The Tree Weaves team ensures that the nets are taut and safe for all ages, and the holes are tiny enough so small children’s feet won’t go through them. Even a 95 year-old woman walked across one of the nets with ease without falling or in need of support! Accessibility is also one of the key factors in construction, and lots of ramps and gradual entrances into the nets are incorporated to help anyone regardless of their physical capability or disability to have access.

While Tree Weaves now constructs all over the country (and have even recently gained some global interest), they still pride themselves in being a local Asheville business. (We dig it!)

“We would really like to collaborate with a lot of local businesses,” Alex said. “If you’re a local business and our idea excites you, we’d love to come and see your space inside and out, and pitch ideas to you about where you can put a lounge space. Our goal is to have more nets in public spaces in Asheville this year.”

Imagine a giant group platform hammock at your favorite local brewery with their branded colors or logo!

Tree Weaves is also offering deals to locals, and are working on starting group exercises and stretching classes. The Tree Weaves headquarters features a Twister board pattern woven into one of their nets for stretching games!

Be sure to learn more about Tree Weaves by visiting their Dig Local profile, and feel free to contact them to arrange a time to stop by their headquarters to check them out for yourself!

Below you will find one locally curated Scoop chosen for each day this week — but make sure to check out all the Scoops this week on our Dig Local Scoop Calendar.

Monday, March 2

Burger Mondays
at Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro
Get a delicious local beef burger, fresh french fries AND a local draft beer for just $10!
More details.
More to do Monday
Tuesday, March 3
11th Annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Children’s Book Exchange
at The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
Give a book, take a book; it's all free! Head to The Hop from 12-8pm to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a book exchange. This is a great way to unload any children's books that are no longer needed or to restock your child's bookshelf! All leftover books will be donated to the library at Hall Fletcher Elementary. Seuss-themed entertainment will be from 6:30-7:30pm where director Chris Martin will be joined by his hysterical band of youth improv performers.
More details.
More to do Tuesday

Wednesday, March 4

Gutter Demons
at The Grey Eagle
Canadian psychobilly heavyweights Gutter Demons make their Asheville debut! Viva Le Vox opens. All ages; doors 7pm, show 8pm.
Tickets and more details.

More to do Wednesday

Thursday, March 5

Guinness Pint Night
at Jack of the Wood

Countdown to St. Patrick's Day as a different commemorative pint glass is released every 5 days, and get a FREE 20oz Guinness glass with the purchase of an $8 Guinness while supplies last. Sláinte y'all!
More details.

More to do Thursday

Friday, March 6

A Taste of the Mediterranean
at Golden Fleece Slow Earth Kitchen
Have a date night and celebrate the weekend at this whimsical Slow Earth Kitchen tucked away in the mountains of the Grovewood. Enjoy slow-cooked wild game, crackling fires, rustic recipes and the beauty of naked produce.
More details.
More to do Friday

Saturday, March 7

Junior Wolf Howl
at WNC Nature Center
Learn about the Red and Grey Wolves of North America with your family! Start with an indoor presentation, followed by a trek to the wolf habitats located onsite at the Nature Center for a howling session. $10 for children, $18 for adults.
Tickets and more details.
More to do Saturday

Sunday, March 8

Abby the Spoon Lady and The Tater Boys with Eric Freeman
at White Horse Black Mountain
The one and only Abby the Spoon Lady returns with The Tater Boys and special guest Eric Freeman! $18 advance, $20 door.
Tickets and more details.
More to do Sunday
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