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Dig Local COVID Update 5/19/20 - Virtual Beer Week, Drive Thru LEAF, and more

Beer Week Turns 10 and Goes Virtual
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A series on how local businesses are adjusting to the COVID-19 crisis

The pandemic may have temporarily taken away live events, but it will never take away our beer! Leah Rainis, Executive Director of Asheville Brewers Alliance, tells us about the 2020 Virtual Beer Week.

See the video interview here!
While we've all had to adjust to the "new normal" (whatever that is), our local business owners and managers each have their own story to tell about how they've been affected and what they are doing during these unprecedented times. Dig Local is proud to partner with our friend, Ann Smith, at Leap Frog Tours to interview some of the awesome folks who make Asheville, Asheville.
This was the solo "Drum Circle in the time of social distancing" at the LEAF LOVE Drive Thru last Sunday at Lake Eden. (Kind of sad but awesome at the same time.) 

Watch the video here!
If you find yourself needing some LEAF LOVE, watch Dig Local's recap video from the LEAF (social distance) DRIVE-THRU from this past Sunday at Lake Eden. It was intended to "rekindle the spirit, provide (contactless) connections, inspire dreams of the future...and a reminder to celebrate life" featuring live vignettes from artists (and some guest appearances!) Soundtrack for this video is Free Planet Radio's rockin' song "Ecstatic Verses Mvmt 3" so crank it up!

 Featured Virtual Event 

Tea Meditation: Passing Through the Garden Gate

In the Japanese tradition of tea ceremony, one walks through a beautiful garden on the way to the tearoom and passes through a garden gate. This passing through is symbolic of cleansing the spirit and leaving the world behind for the separate reality of the teahouse.

In this tea meditation, join Miles Cramer of Dobra Tea to tap into the deep heritage of The Way of Tea, known as Chado. You will flow through the preparation of a tea to cultivate a calm sense of gratitude and compassion. Admiring beauty through all 5 senses, we will dwell in what the ancient tea sages called "a world apart."

This special event will be live on Facebook and IG! 


 Calling all 

 local musicians! 

Get your tunes on the Dig Local Spotify playlist!

As we move further into 2020, we would like to feature even more of the eclectic genres and local talent that help make Asheville shine on the Dig Local Spotify playlist. If you'd like to be considered as an addition to our music compilation, we are accepting submissions for our Spotify playlist now (check out the playlist here).

There are only three requirements to be considered:
  • You or your group must be regionally based in the Asheville area
  • Your song submissions must be all original compositions
  • The songs must be "family-friendly" (no profanity or obscenity or violence) 
If selected, one or two of your songs will be featured in our Spotify playlist. There may also be opportunities to be featured in our Weekly Scoop email and on our social media platforms!

Submit your music by filling out the following info at the link below.

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