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Looking to get hitched? Well even if you’re not, you may be interested in this... Fleetwood’s “Married for a Weekend” package lets you have a totally fake wedding with anyone, or anything, and now that we’ve got you on the edge of your seat, let’s take a look at everything Fleetwood’s has to offer.

Fleetwood’s Rock-n-Roll Chapel opened in the fall of 2017, built on a shared vision between old friends. They set out to create what was missing in Asheville, a mix of Rock and Roll, beer, vintage style, and weddings. Their mission is to offer rad vintage items, tasty beverages, live entertainment, and an inexpensive alternative to a courthouse wedding!

Let’s revisit their “Married for a Weekend” package. Fleetwood’s offers everything you could ever need for a proper wedding including churchy-looking-stained-glass windows. From wedding attire, to rings, and even a certificate, it’s certifiable. With a beer in hand and the local band playing, you might even feel like getting married by the end of the night. To top it off the quick ceremonies have vibes of a little bit of Prince mixed with some Flash Gordon, making it way more fun than actually getting married, with no real commitment! The folks at Fleetwood's love the creativity that surrounds our city and are thrilled to be a part of what makes Asheville unique.

Below are a few of the locally curated Scoops from the Dig Local Scoop Calendar this week!  One Scoop for each day is displayed here, but much more for everyday can be seen on the Scoop Calendar.



Take the stress out of your Monday and head over to Well Played Board Game Cafe for their Monday Meetups. If you’re new to the area and looking to find some friends, this is the place for you. Well Played has over 500 board games, delicious food, and beer & wine. For this event, they’re offering 50% off gaming fees!

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Head out to the West Asheville Tailgate Market from 3:30-6:30 at 718 Haywood Road to see a variety of our local favorites! Check out awesome vendors like Shanti ElixirsFermenti and many more! Find tables that are filled with an array of local produce, handmade items and a slew of other offerings. While you’re there, check out the local shops and West Asheville’s Haywood Road eclectic scene!

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Looking forward to Wine Wednesday? We are, too. Someone who knows a lot about wine is Posana’s Chef Peter Pollay. Don’t miss out on their half-priced bottles on Wednesday. With an amazing dinner menu and an amazing variety of wines, you’re taste buds will be thrilled. And if you’re gluten-free, they’ve got you covered.   

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Rosetta’s Kitchen is a strong believer that everyone should have the opportunity to eat. Their “Everybody Eats” policy is intended to serve the community and those in need, all year long. An organic Beans & Rice plate is offered on a sliding scale of $2-6. You can also make a donation to the program when you stop by the restaurant. We dig Rosetta’s peanut butter tofu, yum!

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Look out Asheville, the Downtown After 5 series continues Friday! The show will open with The Get Right Band, and feature the Fantastic Negrito. There will be lots of food and drink vendors on site and plenty of activities for kids. Make sure to stop by the Dig Local booth for some Dig Pong.

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The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands is back in Downtown Asheville at the U.S. Cellular Center for its 71st year! Come watch 200 craftspeople exhibit a variety of crafts ranging from contemporary to traditional. These crafters work in wood, clay, metal glass, and more. Admission is only $8 and children under 12 are free. Friday through Saturday, 10:00 to 6:00pm + Sunday, 10:00 to 5:00pm

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Head on out to Mojo Kitchen and Lounge for some Appalachian Space Funk and Blues from Rossdafareye! He’ll be playing alongside Juggernaut Stomp at The One Stop. So keep your Sunday cool with some great music and check this out!

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