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Dig Local - Weekly Scoop : August 20 - August 26, 2018 - Asheville, NC

Dig This...
with Stu Helm

A quick peek at the life and times of Asheville’s #1 Food Fan.


photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

by Stu Helm

With average Asheville temperatures reaching well over 100 trillion degrees in the sun these days, it’s been aliiittle too hot for me to tackle all of my favorite heavy, fatty, meaty foods. Fried chicken, cheeseburgers, meatloaf. No. Not when the humidity is 99.999% and has been literally trying to kill me all day.  So… um… I dunno… gimme a blob of hummus or sumthin’. Weird words for me to say, I know, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Lucky for me, the chefs around here make some seriously amazing hummus, and perhaps the most impressive blob of it that I’ve had recently was from AUX Bar (see pic), the brand new joint down on N. Lexington Ave, co-owned by Chef Steven Goff, and Chef Mike Moore (Blind Pig Supper Club). While neither of those chefs is known for being “veg forward,” they rüle at cooking, so I was not surprised to find their hummus was just as tasty as everything else on their menu.

Served with grilled, house-made, whole wheat naan, it is a “red bean” hummus, and it comes with all of Chef Goff’s signature add-ons & garnishes, including house-made pickles, and locally foraged greens, like lamb’s quarters (aka pigweed), and purslane… which, as you know... is also called... pussly. #truestory #myfavoritesuperfoodever

I highly recommend that you try AUX Bar’s red bean hummus, and other local hummuses… hummusi? Well, just let me know if you find a really awesome one that I should try. For, as long as the sun keeps shinin’... an inch away from my head… Imma needa blobba hummus.

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Monday, August 20th

 Risqué Monday at The Odditorium. Check out Monday’s performances presented by Burlesque Academy of Asheville. Every Monday night at The Odditorium! Come see a mix of burlesque performers from newbies to veterans! Doors start at 8:30 and the show begins promptly at 9 pm. 18 and up welcome! $10 cover.
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Tuesday, August 21st

TACOOOO TUESDAY!!! Check out Tacos and Taps’ $2.50 Taco special going on all day Tuesday! Drive through to pick up delicious, fresh-made tacos and locally crafted beer-to-go (growlers or cans.)

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Hang out with Turnup Truk this Wednesday at The Block Off Biltmore and experience a psychedelic reggae experience. Listen to some teaser music from their recent performance at Salvage Station care of Iam AVL: https://bit.ly/2MF99OL Doors open at 8 pm and the show starts at 9 pm. It’s 21 and over don’t forget to bring your ID when you get your tickets ($5) at the door!

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Vaso de Vino Wine Market presents a French/South African Wine Tasting Thur. Aug. 23 & Thur. Aug 30th. They will be experimenting with "Old World" vs. "New World" style wines or French/South African.  They will be serving up six wines with Coq Au Vin, served over basmati rice with a side of organic greens and a hunk of crusty bread,  all for the low cost of $30. Call to reserve your seats, as this one will sell out both dates fast. For reservations call 828-687-3838.

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Free Show at One World Brewing West. The Wobblers will be playing at One World Brewing West at 9 pm on Fri. Aug. 24th. This band is gaining notoriety as one of the Upstate's most unique roots bands. With a heavy emphasis on New Orleans style rhythms and unique instrumentation. Check ‘em out!

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This is gonna be bad folks. Really Bad. Check out Grail Moviehouse Saturday, August 25 at 11:30pm for Bad Movie Nite!  If you've never been, Bad Movie Nite! is a celebration of some of the cheapest, cheesiest, and most unintentionally hilarious b-movies ever made. You'll get trailers, shorts and a feature, and although they won't tell you what it is, believe us, it will be BAD!

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Sunday, August 26th

Who doesn’t love Yoga on Sunday mornings? Head over to Ecusta Brewing for yoga at 9:30 am. This class is all levels, donation based, and focused on relaxation, strength and more. If you’re feeling thirsty after, hang out with us until 11:00 am when the Ecusta opens for business. 

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