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Weekly Scoop (Oct. 15-21) - Local Asheville Filmmakers Become Emmy-winning Filmmakers

The Art of Filmmaking

Asheville's own Fiasco Pictures is now an Emmy-winning film and video production company.
According to David Saich, founding producer, director and cinematographer of Fiasco Pictures, filmmaking is a relatively new art. “Most other art forms have been around for a while,” he said, “But filmmaking brings it all together in one place.”

Just think about it — you need writing, visual art, set design, photography, lighting, costumes, hair and makeup, music, sound design, graphic design, and more when creating a film. 

So, when he and his friend and fellow cinematographer/producer Ben Mulkey decided to start their own film, image and sound company, they knew it would be a major undertaking. 

“We started Fiasco Pictures in 2007 kind of on a lark,” Saich said. “We were a bunch of TV news camera guys and we wanted to start making some indie films.”

They purchased a new HD camera — which was state-of-the-art at the time — and a laptop and put themselves out there, scouring Asheville for clients. Much to their surprise, they found them.

“We saw that there was a niche for higher quality, more creative local production,” Saich said, “at the same time that YouTube and online streaming was making it possible for anyone to distribute their own video.”

Saich and Mulkey wanted to make quality video even more accessible than it already was. Their ethos since starting their company has always been to solve problems with creativity, keep their costs low and find enthusiastic collaborators.

“If we’re not a good match with a client or an agency we’ll happily refer them,” Saich remarked, “because this whole process should be a blast.”

And that shows in the content they create, including our 24 Hours in Asheville video that showcased 27 different Dig Local businesses founded right here in this special city.
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Monday, Oct. 15

Enjoy Cliff Cash Comedy tonight at Fleetwood's. Cash's brand of humor fearlessly tackles subjects of racism, homophobia, greed, war, loss, death, divorce and the danger of ignorance in pop culture and music. Click here for tickets

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Tuesday, Oct. 16

Pumpkin spice isn't just for lattes. At the Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts, a warming blend of essential oils and spices — cinnamon, ginger, allspice, clove and nutmeg — are used during thee Fall Blend Massage to help you embody the season. And you can receive a free treatment upgrade with your next massage session. Click here to book your next session.

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Wednesday, Oct. 17

Don't swipe right on this night out in Asheville. District Wine Bar is hosting the first ever open mic night for crazy dating stories called Swipe Mic. Admission is free and anyone can hop up on the mic throughout the night for 3 minutes and tell one funny, sad, hilarious and/or romantic dating story that they've experienced. Click here to register in advance.

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Thursday, Oct. 18

Every May and October, about 12,000 people join together to experience the power that music, art and culture has to transform lives, strengthen community, and foster unity. The 42nd annual LEAF Festival — organized by nonprofit LEAF Community Arts — will be held on the site of the old Historic Black Mountain College from Oct. 18-21 and showcase all things art, music and culture. Click here for tickets.

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Friday, Oct. 19

Get your craft on Oct. 19-21 at the 71st Annual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands. Head downtown to the U.S. Cellular Center for a weekend exploring nearly 200 different exhibitors ranging from contemporary crafts to traditional crafts in works of clay, wood, metal, glass, fiber, natural materials and more. Click here for tickets.

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Saturday, Oct. 20

Don't wait until the last second to find your Halloween costume — head over to the Pre-Halloween Costume Sale at the Asheville Community Theatre between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to find the perfect disguise. Peruse through vintage uniforms, sequined formal wear and more as you prepare for one of the best holidays of the year. 
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Sunday, Oct. 21

Football season is in full swing. That means it's time to spend your Sundays in front of the TV — but you don't need to relax on your couch at home. Nantahala Brewing - Asheville Outpost recently got their TVs up and running so you can enjoy a cold one while watching the NFL Sunday Ticket.

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