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Weekly Scoop (Oct. 22-28) - Stu Helm Food Fan Devours the Continental Reuben

Dig This... with Stu Helm

A quick peek at the life and times of Asheville's No. 1 food fan.

photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

The Continental Reuben

I love a good reuben! Yes, it did take me a while to find a decent reuben when I first moved to Asheville, but 13 years later I’ve managed to find a handful of great ones.

And with the recent opening of a new venue by one of Asheville’s old favorite chefs, there are now three all within sight of one other!

I’ve already written and raved about the Reuben at Chestnut, as well as "Montreal" style Reuben at Blackbird which is located directly across the street, and now a third great Reuben has popped up at the brand new Continental Lounge, located down the street next to Mamacitas.

The new restaurant is located where Local Provisions used to be, and where Seven Sows and Modaddy’s once were back in the day. Yeah, that space has had a lot of turnover — a “curse” they say — but if anyone can break a curse with some culinary Hinjjewdoo, it’s Chef Vijay Shastri!

Chef Shastri, who calls himself a “Hinjew” (Hindu dad/Jewish mom), has been a beloved figure in the Asheville food scene for a LOHHHHNG time, as the chef-owner of both Flying Frog Cafe and Mr. Frog's Soul & Creole Kitchen — two of Asheville faves from a now seemingly distant past. The passing of those two venues is still lamented by loyal local eaters to this day, who are universally psyched that Chef Shastri is back.

If this Reuben is any indication of what he’s bringing to the contemporary food scene, I have high hopes as it was perfectly executed in every way! Marble rye bread grilled in butter on the flat top until crispy; piping hot prime corned beef brisket aged and finished in-house; super melty Swiss cheese; tangy, zesty sauerkraut; and housemade Russian dressing. A flawless effort on the part of the kitchen.

One bite of this Reuben and I was sold. When I was finished eating it, I wanted another immediately, and I’ve been thinking and talking about it ever since. Those are all signs that this was a dang good sando, y’all!

I’ve also tasted the shrimp ‘n’ grits and the jambalaya at The Continental Lounge, and both were excellent! Yep — it looks like I’ll be eating my way through this menu, so stay tuned!

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Monday, Oct. 22

Oh Sees + Escape-ism
at The Orange Peel
Spend your Music Monday dancing along to tunes from the Oh Sees — a psychedelic punk rock band that really knows how to energize a crowd. 
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Tuesday, Oct. 23

Women Moving Mountains Beer Release
at Highland Brewing
Join Women AdvaNCe — a nonpartisan organization committed to building a supportive community for women leaders in North Carolina — for the release of this year's NC Women's Summit beer. 
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Wednesday, Oct. 24

Pimento Cheese Championship
presented by Stu Helm Food Fan
Only 1 out of the 10 local competitors can be called the Pimento Cheese Champion of Asheville. Who will it be?
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Thursday, Oct. 25

Tales & Ales
at Lazoom Room
Have a beer, hear a story, have another beer... tell a story! This open mic storytelling event is one you surely won't want to miss.
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Friday, Oct. 26

Fall Fund Drive Pre-Party
with 103.3 Asheville FM
Tune in to 103.3 Asheville FM or head down to THE BLOCK off Biltmore today to jam out with your local radio station, where the songs will bring you back to better days.
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Saturday, Oct. 27

Halloween Twilight in the Treetops (Night Climb)
at The Adventure Center of Asheville
Watch the world transform from dusk to night while climbing in the trees with 15,000 lights! 
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Sunday, Oct. 28

Flea for Ya'll
at the Asheville Outlets
Come ready to explore and discover great vintage finds, one-of-a kind art, yummy food and delicious beverages while enjoying some good music.
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