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Weekly Scoop (Nov. 5-11) - Stu Helm Goes Vegetarian for #VegWeek

Dig This... With Stu Helm

A quick peek at the life and times of Asheville's No. 1 food fan.

photo by Stu Helm on Instagram @stuhelmfoodfan

#VegWeek (Day 1): Posana

Last week, I decided to eat vegetarian for an entire week. Seven days. One quarter of a month. Yeah, no, that lasted about 36 hours before I was straight-up chewing on some sticks of seared meat. No, I didn’t “break-down” after a day and half of vegetarianism and turn toward meat because of some uncontrollable carnal desire; I just totally forgot my own plan to be vegetarian when I ordered my lunch on day two, and about halfway through my meat-skewers, I was, like, "Oops."

I was vegetarian for TEN YEARS once, when I was in my 20s, and I loved it! My girlfriend was vegetarian, so I became one, but when we broke up, I started dating bacon right away. And now, even though I still eat and enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, I’m pretty locked into burgers, wings, cheesesteaks, burgers… Wait, did I already say burgers? Dang it!

The truth is I eat too many burgers. My cholesterol is a little bit higher than it should be, and lately I’m a little softer around the edges than I like to be. So, I’m trying to eat vegetarian again this week, calling it #VegWeek mach two.

To make sure I don’t forget, I went public with my plan on Instagram and Facebook, starting #VegWeek mach two on Sunday with brunch at Posana, one of Asheville’s best, most high-end, refined and healthy eateries, owned and operated by husband and wife team Martha and Chef Peter Pollay. There is no better venue to get right with your diet than Posana. There are always vegetarian and vegan offerings on the menu, and I selected one of the latter.

The mushroom-stuffed tofu with quinoa, Brussel sprouts and white truffle coconut cream sauce was great. I crushed it. The flavors were subtle and fresh, the textures were very satisfying and the overall dish was exactly the right choice to kick off my second attempt at #VegWeek.

From the fluffy, smooth, soft tofu block, which was grilled until crispy on the outside and filled with a core of mushrooms, to the crunchy and chewy quinoa, to the earthy green Brussel sprouts and the very rich and slightly sweet coconut cream sauce on the bottom, this plate of plants and fungus was very tasty to eat, really pretty to look at and as light as a kite. In other words, it did not leave me feeling all bloated and tired afterward. Yay, vegetarianism!

One day down. Six more to go. #VegWeek

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Monday, Nov. 5

Giving Back Night Featuring Bounty & Soul
at Copper Crown
Help raise funds for Bounty & Soul — a group dedicated to creating a health and wellness movement in underserved communities in Buncombe and McDowell counties — today where 15% of the proceeds will go directly to assist their efforts.

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Tuesday, Nov. 6

We dig people who vote! ✔️
Tuesday is Election Day! Have you cast your ballot? The polls are open today from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Make sure you exercise your right as a citizen and post your "I Voted" selfies to social media so everyone can see! Don't know where your voting location is? Look up your voter registration information on this website.

Also on Tuesday...

Music Bingo
at The Bier Garden
Regular bingo is a thing of the past. Win prizes with music bingo and take advantage of their special $1.50 off pints throughout the night.
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Wednesday, Nov. 7

The New Chinese Acrobats
presented by Diana Wortham Theatre
Performers carefully selected from across China showcase an athletic display that blends the best of ancient folk art with the style and virtuosity of the modern generation. Grab tickets here.

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Thursday, Nov. 8

Grateful Dead Night With Phuncle Sam
at The BLOCK Off Biltmore
Come jam out to Phuncle Sam — an Asheville-based band firmly rooted in musical exploration — this Thursday at The BLOCK Off Biltmore.

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Friday, Nov. 9

Southern Fried Date Night
at Early Girl Eatery
Add some soul to your date night dinner this Friday with Southern favorites such as the fried green tomato Napoleon pictured above.

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Saturday, Nov. 10

Asheville River Arts District Stroll
with The River Arts District Artists
Take a fall stroll through the River Arts District where all the local artists open their doors for a full weekend where the public is welcome to experience and collect amazing art from all the studios and galleries. Make sure to check out Odyssey Co-op Gallery, Philip DeAngelo Studio and Pink Dog Creative when you're there!
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Sunday, Nov. 11

Film Screening of "The Devil We Know"
with Blue Spiral 1
Catch a screening of "The Devil We Know" — a 2018 Sundance Film Festival premiere documentary expose of the DuPont corporation — at the Fine Arts Theatre and then head to Blue Spiral 1 for a reception after the showing.
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