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Jun. 18, 2024


Reader of the day ~ Byron Ballard. 1-5pm

The Scoop

Byron Ballard is Asheville's very own village witch, and has authored many books on the intricacies and rich, diverse history of Appalachian folk magick and "Hillfolk's Hoodoo". Travelling far and wide, Byron is known for her work at the Mother Grove Goddess Temple and witchcraft sundry. Practicing her magick and reading tarot for over 50 years, Byron is well-versed in the things that ail you. $2/minute with a 20 minute minimum. Cash, card, and mobile pay accepted. Book a reading with her today by calling us at 828-424-7868; walk-ins also welcome! We are located at 640 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC. Second floor, elevator located in middle of shopping center.