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May. 27, 2023


5 year old Whiskey is ready to serve!

The Scoop

If you've been following us for a while, you've DEFINITELY seen our Aging is Sexy catchphrase floating around... Single Malt 4 is the epitome of the phrase! ⁠"It's really exciting for me to finally get to share what some of our 5-year-old Whiskey can bring to the table." -Will (Founder/Head Distiller) ⁠ 🌾 AGE: 50% 3 years, 121 days // 25% 3 years, 168 days // 25% 5 years, 37 days⁠ 🌾 DISPOSITION: red berry, honeycomb, orange, brioche, worn leather, creme brulee⁠