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Jun. 8, 2023


What is Medicupping™?

The Scoop

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive manual physiotherapy technique that works on high and low vacuum principles. Your therapist will use a machine attached to glass or polycarbonate cups via a hosing system that allows them to create a pressure-regulated vacuum seal on your skin. The vacuum stretches the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing movements in all the supporting structures, such as the superficial layer of muscle and connective tissue. The vacuum facilitates local oxygen availability and an increased metabolic state in the area where the vacuum therapy is applied. Vacuum therapy stimulates the peripheral nervous system and increases blood flow in areas where circulation is impaired. Tissue adhesions that cause ‘knots’ in the soft tissues are a common problem causing pain. Vacuum therapy is highly effective in relieving pain caused by local adhesions. By stretching the skin and subcutaneous tissue, we stimulate muscles, muscle sheaths, and fascial tissue, which leads to the loosening of adhesions and improved tissue fluidity, resulting in reduced pain intensity. This service is complementary on your first visit!