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May. 27, 2023


SAVE THE DATE 5/26: Hazel at Highland Downtown

The Scoop

Hey! Who is this beautiful creature playing piano you ask? Well, my name’s Hazel! I am a carpenter, inventor and as you can see, a stunning piano player! It’s been about 13 years since I first discovered my love for playing piano. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Adulthood has a funny way of making us forget our passions though. I certainly was a victim of that misfortune, spending many years seeking wealth instead of joy. Several years ago, I said to myself “Self, we’re gonna cut this out and get back to what we love.” Shortly after, I built my first mobile piano to hit the streets and perform for all of you lovely people! This was 2 years ago now. Then I built another mobile piano, one with motors that I can drive around on. And another! A baby grand that I roll out to be super dramatic. All these pianos can be transported just about anywhere. I’ve even gone camping with one of them. This is a free event More information about Highland: