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May. 18, 2023

5:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Weaverville Altbier Pub Crawl 5/19-5/27

The Scoop

Beer in Dusseldorf Germany could not be more different from the American craft beer scene. While they have a multitude of small and large breweries, each one makes a single beer: Altbier. The name means “old beer” in the sense that it was the old way of brewing before the new-fangled lagers came around. The beer itself is a fairly hoppy amber ale and each brewery has its own version of it. The fun is walking from brewery to brewery and exploring the subtlety of differences that each version has. For Beer Week, Weaverville breweries: Eluvium, Leveller, and Zebulon will brew their own versions of the classic Dusseldorf Altbier. Drinkers are encouraged to visit each brewery and sample each brewer’s take on the style. Each brewery will have a limited edition glass with different artwork for sale individually or collected as a set. 5/19-5/27 For more information on Leveller: For more information on Eluvium: For more information on Zebulon: