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May. 27, 2023


Lil Woodfin Brew Sessions 3:3

The Scoop

The last day, the last turn is going to be a party for sure! Over 3 days, with rotating hosts, get to know the brewers of WNC as they brew right in the taproom in Outsider’s Transparent Brewing Studio. Follow along and interact with ingredients, hand-selected to make the perfect small batch. The sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of the entire brewing process are being revealed and made accessible by some of the best in the business, committed to revealing and demystifying the brewing process and building stronger bonds with the agricultural roots of beer and this place that we call home. 5/27: The final day of the collab and beer week will be hosted by The Woodfin and Weaverville neighborhood breweries, Zillicoah, Riverside Rhapsody, Leveller, Eluvium, and Outsider and will lead right into the closing party for Asheville beer week. There’s no better way to end beer week than coming together as a neighborhood for the final turn of our triple mega collab brew day.