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Oct. 8, 2023

11:30 PM - 2:30 AM



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PIPPIN September 15-October 8, 2023 ABOUT THE SHOW Step into a world of magic, mystery, and self-discovery with the Tony Award-winning musical, Pippin. This Broadway classic, with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Roger O. Hirson, tells the captivating story of a young prince on a daring quest for the ultimate meaning of life and fulfillment. From spectacular circus-inspired performances to stirring, emotionally-charged songs, “Pippin” unfolds as an exploration of the highs and lows of glory, love, and ambition. It’s a compelling narrative that continually asks one poignant question: is it more rewarding to live a simple life or to persist in relentlessly pursuing extraordinary feats? With its rich, allegorical storyline and memorable melodies, Pippin promises to enchant audiences, leaving them musing long after the final curtain call.