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Apr. 3, 2024


Curious about Sims Racing? Stop by & check us out!

The Scoop

Very few sports can be reasonably represented in a simulation that translates the skills from real life. For instance, you can play Madden or FIFA all you want, it won’t help you play actual football, or football. Sim racing, however, has developed such detailed physics models, that spending time in a sim can make you a better driver. When COVID-19 caused race tracks worldwide to shut down, all of the professional drivers were running in sims to keep their skills sharp, practice + race other drivers. There were even a number of televised sim races! This moment in history really shined a spotlight on sim rigs, how incredible they really are and how drivers have been using them for years. Modern sims are meticulous in their representation of physics. From the individual layers of the tire, to the track surfaces, to the fuel burn rates, and the aerodynamics; everything is taken into account when designing the cars, tracks, and physics engines that power the sim.