Business profile

Jan. 20, 2024


I'm Lexi the creator of @hazeltwenty @lextwentymenswear and owner of @maisiethefrenchie20

The Scoop

It’s been a while since I’ve reintroduced myself on here so I go…. I’m Lexi the creator of @hazeltwenty @lextwentymenswear and owner of @maisiethefrenchie20. I started my clothing career online in 2009 while my boys were very small. From online I took my business literally on the road with my tricked out Mobile Boutique in 2014. We went all over Asheville and beyond learning lessons big and small. My first storefront opened in 2018 in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC, then very organically expanded shortly after in 2019 with Maisie Twenty Kids Boutique. Pivoting gears after the lessons learned during the year of 2020 led to the birth of @lextwentymenswear in 2021. I will never tire of connecting with our customers and have been saying since inception shopping with us is like “playing in your best friends closet”. With an added bonus of having our beloved @maisiethefrenchie20 along for the ride. I am finally ready and beyond excited to announce that we will see our biggest expansion yet, opening soon in downtown Charleston, SC . Be sure to follow along for updates as we finalize the finishing touches including our projected opening date!