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Mar. 7, 2024


CALL FOR ART - Mandala Madness III

The Scoop

The third biannual showcase of mandala artwork at Foundation Studios! We've loved curating the collections in 2020 and 2022 so much that we're ready for another gathering of hypnotizing, meditative, geometric pieces in 2024! The roots of these sacred meditation tools go back thousands of years. The circle, which is what the word ‘mandala’ means in Sanskrit, has truly been a natural representation of wholeness, completion, and peace since the dawn of the human mind. Early artists saw the possibilities in repetitive circular patterns as a representation of the universe—expanding in intricate and multi-faceted ways while united as one force at a central point. We are accepting submissions from guest artists for this showcase! Starting November 15, 2023 with a deadline of February 15, 2024. To submit, email [email protected] with ALL of the following information for each submission: - your name - a well-lit photo of the piece - title - medium - dimensions - price