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Feb. 11, 2024


Level 256 Weekly Pin-Golf

The Scoop

During our weekly strikes tournament we will also host a Pin-Golf tournament on the side. $5 entry, winner take all. The objective is to hit the target score in 3 strokes (3 balls). For example, you need to hit 200 million on Godzilla in 3 balls. If you do it on 1 ball, your score will be 1. If you do it on 2 balls, your score will be 2...and so on and so forth. If you do not hit the target score on your last ball (ball 3) you take 6 for that hole. Extra balls will be OFF. Scorecards will be provided and we will respect the honor system. You must play all holes to qualify for finals and you must be present for finals. Top 2 go to finals. Single game elimination. Game will be chosen at random.