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Mar. 6, 2024

1:00 AM


Jontavious Willis at The Grey Eagle

The Scoop

Jontavious Willis Doors: March 6, 2024 7:00 PM - ALL AGES - SEATED SHOW - LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLE Jontavious Willis is reshaping the blues scene with his own unique style. Hailing from Greenville, Georgia, his deep connection to his rural Americana and black heritage infuses his artistry with authenticity and character. Jontavious occupies a unique position as a child of the 90s whose artistic canvas, the blues, is among the most vintage of American art forms. Currently, Jontavious is working on his upcoming album, which will showcase his evolution as an artist. The project is a product of Jontavious's relationship with Georgia. He is working hard in his home state, drawing inspiration from both the historical and contemporary, to produce an album that will make its' mark on the state's musical tradition.