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Apr. 9, 2024


Tuesday Night Open Jam

The Scoop

The Open Jam at Sovereign Kava welcomes players of all kinds to come explore, push boundaries, step out of comfort zones, gain experience, and meet and play with musicians from Asheville and beyond. There are no genre restrictions, as long as it's not too loud for the room. All genders and all peoples are welcome (also well behaved animals are welcome, too). We provide full backline--drum kit, amps, piano, keys, and PA with mics/inputs. The jam is hosted by Chris Cooper and Friends, who play for the first half hour or so, and then the jam opens up. Sign up when you get here! Things here, are on a first come, first serve basis. We do recommend bringing your own instrument (guitar, bass, musical saw, etc.), unless you play keys, or sticks if you play kit. This is a weekly opportunity for experienced musicians to get together, talk, and share ideas in a living room-like setting. No alcohol is served, but players are invited to try kava at the two-fer-one rate.