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Apr. 13, 2024


Allah-Lahs at The Grey Eagle

The Scoop

Allah-Lahs Doors: 8:00 PM Show: 9:00 PM DAY OF: $25.00 ADVANCED: $22.00 - ALL AGES - STANDING ROOM ONLY Purchase Tickets: ALLAH-LAHS Are you tired of that same old song? Tune into any alt-rock robo-jock frequency on the FM dial and you�ll know what I mean. Somewhere along the way, nostalgia curdled, and it feels like we�re doomed to hear the same boring souls for eternity. But don�t ask California sons Allah-Las�they wouldn�t know a thing about it. �The Stuff,� which opens the band�s fifth LP, Zuma 85, lays it out: "I don�t listen to the radio/They keep playing that song again/And the deejay�s a computer.�