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Apr. 6, 2024

2:00 PM


Glass, Metal, and Clay Day

The Scoop

For over 20 years, the Asheville community has celebrated the oldest craft mediums on the Blue Ridge Parkway's Folk Art Center with members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. For the first time, the Guild will combine Glass & Metal Day with Clay Day this year to host Glass, Metal, and Clay Day on April 6th! Showcasing the elements, Guild members will demonstrate a range of techniques, and have hands-on activities for children and adults. Demonstrations include: blacksmithing, glass blowing, piercing and soldering metals, knife making, bezeling, repoussé, copper etching, assembling stained glass, forging, wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramics, and surface design on clay, among other techniques. While at the Folk Art Center, visitors have the opportunity to visit America's oldest craft shop Allanstand (est. 1893), the Eastern National bookstore and Blue Ridge Parkway information desk, as well as three exhibition galleries, and a craft library. Outside the Folk Art Center, there are hiking trails, picnic tables, grassy areas for a picnic, and free parking.