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Apr. 12, 2024


LEAF Global Arts Retreat

The Scoop

LEAF Retreat is an intimate, family-friendly gathering of just 1,500 attendees. "Old School Magic and Happiness" is how people have described LEAF Retreat since its inception in 2021, with space to kick back, relax, play, camp and connect with global arts, music, culture, and nature – it’s super sweet. LEAF Global Arts theme for 2024 — World Changers: Artists & Activists. This year, we celebrate the extraordinary global citizens who not only create art but also champion causes that resonate with the heartbeat of humanity. These are the voices that echo in the halls of change, the hands that paint the canvas of a better tomorrow. Our chosen artists are not just masters of their crafts; they are beacons of hope, tirelessly advocating for a world where justice, peace, and creativity flourish. DATES: May 9-12, 2024 TICKETS: $50-$250 for adults. Limited day passes available; Weekend Passes must be purchased by LEAF Members; Youth tickets are available; Kids younger than 10 are free! WeX Volunteering Options are available. Weekend passes include access to camping at Lake Eden. Passes for car camping, RVs, and private rustic camp cabins are limited and available through the website.