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May. 25, 2024

1:00 AM


The Hickoids // JD Pinkus // Los Gun Show

The Scoop

Oh boy! We're excited to have these fellows back! FORTY YEARS OF CHAOS IN THE CORNFIELD Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the Hickoids have carved a unique path through the musical landscape since their inception in Austin, Texas, in 1984. Founded by Jeff Smith and the twisted guitar genius John Thomas Jackson, aka Jukebox, the band initially set out to dismantle country music with punk rock swagger. Over the years, the Hickoids endured lineup changes, a lengthy hiatus, and the challenges of their chaotic origins, evolving into a singular, iconic-if-irreverent rock 'n' roll band with a lotta twang. From their explosive debut opening for Black Flag and the Meat Puppets to their current lineup, the Hickoids have become a Texas musical institution. ***Support from the legendary JD Pinkus and Asheville heavy hitter's band Los Gun Show!