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Jul. 19, 2024


Burial x Eulogy presents: Tinariwen

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Heavy Resin Summer Series Burial x Eulogy presents: Tinariwen Friday, July 19th, 2024 Forestry Camp - 10 Shady Oak Drive - Asheville, NC 28801 Gate 5PM || Show 6PM Tinariwen Tuareg nomads and cowboy drifters. Camel trains and mustang horses. The timeless horizon of the endless Sahara and the wild frontier of the Old West - and when the day is done, guitars around the campfire, singing songs of loss and longing and ‘home on the range’. Several thousand miles of ocean may divide the desert blues of Tinariwen and the authentic country music of rural America but the links are as palpable as they are romantic. On Amatssou, their ninth studio album, Tinariwen set out to explore these shared sensibilities as banjos, fiddles and pedal steel mix seamlessly with the Tuareg band’s trademark snaking guitar lines and hypnotic grooves.