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May. 17, 2024

10:00 PM


Tarah Singh Art Exhibition of Con Piacere

The Scoop

🎨✨ Immerse yourself in creativity at the Tarah Singh Art opening of Con Piacere, complemented by the beats of DJ Nex Millen, all amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the AVL Beer Festival. Art, music, and brews collide for an unforgettable experience! 🍻🎶🖼️ Tarah Singh is a Guyanese American Artist who was raised in Western North Carolina. She is a visionary creative working in any media to communicate with the world around her. She often states that “words are NOT her medium”, rather she relies on brushstrokes, color, and textures in paintings or sculptures to initiate conversations with her audience. She is multi-faceted, with experience as a designer, stylist, consultant, chef, welder, painter, and mother, just to name a few… With her dedication to the plight of women and youth across the globe and the uplifting of other creatives, Tarah strongly believes that artists are historians, creative problem solvers, and experienced curators. Without a creator, nothing comes into existence.