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May. 21, 2024


Coco Mango Sago Drink Special

The Scoop

Poppy’s Asian Tour continues with the Philippines and Coco Mango Sago,芒椰奶西, available through May!!! The creation of this drink was inspired by community activist @smharped. Coco Mango Sago is a creamy, fruity, tropical drink. It consists of Pop-made mango sago pearls and coconut jelly in a mango milk, all topped with a special Pop-made coconut cheese cap. Available dairy or vegan with whole or oat milk. Sweet facts: *Mango is the national fruit of the Philippines. *The coconut industry is massive part of the agricultural sector, with 69 of the country’s 82 provinces producing it. *Sago pearls are made from plant starch, have a similar texture to tapioca, and are used in a wide variety of desserts throughout Asia.