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Jul. 21, 2024

11:00 PM


Mia Joy & Mei Semones

The Scoop

Mia Joy ‘Celestial Mirror,’ the new EP by Mia Joy, sees the Chicago-based musician move from one stage to the next, as she delves further into her explorations on identity, self expression, and the people who come in and out of her life. The first new music since 2021’s dreampop masterclass ‘Spirit Tamer,’ which saw her tour alongside the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Squirrel Flower, Deeper and more, the EP showcases more of Joy’s trademark ethereal indie pop that envelops the listener in a shroud of gentle, personal hymns that are both intimate & warmly inviting. Mei Semones Mei Semones' sweetly evocative blend of jazz, bossa nova and math-y indie rock is not only a way for her to find solace in her favorite genres, but is an intuitive means of catharsis. "Blending everything that I like together and trying to make something new — that's what feels most natural to me," says the 23-year-old Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. "It's what feels most true to who I am as an artist."