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May. 19, 2024

4:00 PM


"SAVE THE DATE 5/19" Battle of the Breweries 6v6 Co-ed Volleyball Tournament

The Scoop

Where: Highland Brewing Company Cost: $20 registration fee per brewery "Highland's 3rd Annual Battle of the Breweries 6v6 Co-Ed Volleyball tournament on Sunday, May 19th To celebrate Asheville Beer Week, Highland is hosting a friendly tournament to honor all the great beer and breweries around the area. Employees of the participating breweries will compete in a 6v6 co-ed tournament for a chance to unseat the 2023 champions, Hillman Beer! If your brewery would like to compete, but cannot fill a whole team, reach out and we'll try and work some magic! Each team must have at least 2 players of each gender on the court at all times! Cheers and let's have some FUN! For questions and to sign your brewery up, please reach out to Kyle Fitzpatrick at [email protected]" CLICK -,2023-05-27&categories=67-asheville-beer-week- FOR BEER WEEK EVENTS!