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May. 21, 2024


5/25 - Rough Cuts - Video and Sound Immersion Into The World of Kinetosaur

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Where: Bottle Riot Cost: Free - Must RSVP Join us on Saturday, May 25th, Memorial Day Weekend, at Bottle Riot from 8 pm to 10 pm for Rough Cuts, a one-of-a-kind multi-projector video and sound immersion into the world of Kinetosaur. This unique experience chronicles the legacy of John Payne and Asheville’s River Arts District through archival footage and audio, with special guest DJ Nex Millin and a special trailer release for the highly anticipated upcoming film Kinetosaur CLICK -,2024-05-26&categories=72-AVL%20Beer%20Week%202024- FOR ALL BEER WEEK EVENTS!