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May. 18, 2024


5/18 - Whiskey Blending Workshop - Where Does Your Spirit Lead You?

The Scoop

Where: Oak and Grist Distilling Company 1556 Grovestone Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711 Cost: 167.78 per person "Join us in the distillery to discover how Oak & Grist approaches blending barrels for our American Single Malt Whiskies. During this intimate workshop, the founder William Goldberg, and the head of production Charles Stanley will uncover the nuances of how we make our Single Malt. You will get an opportunity to try our new make whiskey alongside a selection of barrels to help illustrate how the barrel influences the whiskey. You will then blend your very own whiskey from those barrels! Here is the shakedown of how the workshop will go: We will start with an overview of Single Malt Whiskey and how we do things here at Oak & Grist You will then get to try our new make whiskey alongside 4 casks to explore how different barrels influence flavor and aroma development guided by our founder and head of production Each attendee will then get to create their own custom blend from those four barrels CLICK -,2024-05-26&categories=72-AVL%20Beer%20Week%202024- FOR ALL BEER WEEK EVENTS!