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May. 24, 2024

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM


JULY 13TH Five-Year Anniversary Party

The Scoop

Help us celebrate 5 years of our art collective with live art, live music, and more to be announced! Featuring the opening of our Resident Artist showcase "SENSES" exploring the five senses through varying mediums. Sight: this one’s fairly obvious at a visual art show, but you can expect artwork playing with distortion, perspective, and illusion. Hearing: artwork that depicts music, instruments, or maybe the piece itself makes noise! Touch: textured art you can feel—fuzzy, spiky, bubbly, or rough works of art. Taste: art depicting food and drink, maybe even using something edible as a medium. Smell: mediums with a fragrance, or works depicting something with a strong smell.