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Jul. 25, 2024

11:00 PM


Pictures of Vernon with Big Girl, Aunt Vicki, and Mary Metal Announce

The Scoop

Pictures of Vernon Asheville NC indie/emo Big Girl Big Girl, is a six-piece indie-rock band that is breaking fresh ground in the New York live music scene. Big Girl’s music is expansive and cathartic, combining indie-rock vulnerability with irreverent punk energy. Aunt Vicki merges indie, retro rock, and Americana into their signature sound. Led by married songwriters Lee Dyer and Erin Campbell, their two styles give a yin and yang to the overall vibe. Influenced by the rock legends of the '60s and the indie scene of the '90s-00s, the four-piece band delivers catchy tunes with a gritty edge. Drew Ball is on Bass/Stage Mischief, and Tristan Smith adds a charming garage rock sass with his vintage drum kit. Mary Metal is an Indie Alternative Rock/Dream Pop band based in Asheville NC, and includes band members Charlie Graham, Alex Cain, Lucas Ross, Max Kline, and Haven Hager. They have rock driven instrumentals mixed with sarcastic lyrics and saxophone. drawing inspiration from a spectrum of classic and modern alternative rock, such as Men I Trust and the Pixies, creating a familiar but unique new sound.